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About BibliOpen

BibliOpen hosts open access ebooks released by academic publishers. Launched in 2017 by the University of Chicago Press and its ebook fulfillment system, BiblioVault, BibliOpen is a free and open online resource for students, researchers, libraries, and anyone else interested in well-crafted peer-reviewed scholarly books. Whether you're into cryptology or preschool politics, curious about ancient ambers, the brachial plexus, or zeolites, you're likely to find something worth investigating at BibliOpen. Browse the site, or search for subjects of interest to you!

About BiblioVault

BiblioVault is a file warehouse, enabling ebooks and printing worldwide. BiblioVault provides long-term storage of digital book files for member presses, as well as a wide range of distribution, conversion, scanning, transfer, printing, and ebook fulfillment services. BiblioVault works with more than 75,000 books and for more than 100 scholarly presses. As these publishers release new open access books, or move older for-sale titles into open access distribution, these ebooks become part of the open access collection available to the public at BibliOpen.

About Chicago Distribution Services

Chicago Distribution Services (CDS) provides scholarly and professional publishers with warehousing, distribution, marketing, sales representation, e-commerce, credit and collection, digital short-run printing, and digital repository services. The CDC currently serves more than 120 scholarly publishers, oversees BiblioVault, and coordinates with the University of Chicago Press’s Books Division to provide sales representation and/or marketing services to many of its client presses.

About the University of Chicago Press

Since its origins in 1890, the Press has embraced as its mission the obligation to disseminate scholarship of the highest standard and to publish serious works that foster public understanding, provide an authoritative foundation for informed dialogue, and enrich the diversity of cultural life. Its publications actively engage with timely issues and debates, written by authors who are the foremost experts in their fields. Through its books and journals, the Press seeks not only to advance scholarly conversation within and across traditional disciplines but, in keeping with the University of Chicago’s experimental tradition, to help define new areas of knowledge and intellectual endeavor.

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