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Women in the Silent Cinema: Histories of Fame and Fate

by Annette Förster

Amsterdam University Press, 2016


Cloth: 978-90-8964-719-1

Paper: 978-94-6298-995-5

eISBN: 978-90-485-2451-8

About the Book
This magisterial book offers comprehensive accounts of the professional itineraries of three women in the silent film in the Netherlands, France and North America. Annette Förster presents a careful assessment of the long career of Dutch stage and film actress Adriënne Solser; an exploration of the stage and screen careers of French actress and filmmaker Musidora and Canadian-born actress and filmmaker Nell Shipman; an analysis of the interaction between the popular stage and the silent cinema from the perspective of women at work in both realms; fresh insights into Dutch stage and screen comedy, the French revue and the American Northwest drama of the 1910s; and much more, all grounded in a wealth of archival research.
About the Author
Annette Förster is a media historian and film curator specialized in women in film history.
"In this brilliant book, Förster delineates 'careerographries' of three stars of early cinema—one Dutch (Adriënne Solser), one French (Musidora), and one Canadian (Nell Shipman)....Förster is painstaking in locating the women's careers in personal, theatrical, literary, and cinematic context, and she does especially well in reconstructing their lost films. An amazing book...Essential."
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Deemed a Choice Outstanding Academic Title
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Framing Film, Motion picture actors and actresses, Fame, Silent films, Silent Cinema, 1873-1943, 1892-1970, Film & Video, Film, Women's Studies, Women, Performing Arts, Art, Biography, History and criticism, Social Science, History
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