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Teaching Undergraduates with Archives

edited by Nancy Bartlett, Elizabeth Gadelha and Cinda Nofziger

Michigan Publishing Services, 2019


eISBN: 978-1-60785-557-6

OA eISBN: 978-1-60785-564-4

Paper: 978-1-60785-556-9

About the Book
Teaching Undergraduates with Archives mirrors the evolving practice and academic research on primary sources in the classroom. The result of a national symposium at the University of Michigan in 2018, the volume features case studies, reflections, and forecasts concerning critical thinking, active learning, and archival evidence. The chapters describe collaborations between faculty, archivists, librarians, and students. Ideas behind new assignments and syllabi provide an immediate utility for those who teach with primary sources. Testimonies to the challenges and benefits of robust programs speak to the emerging prioritization of teaching and learning across disciplines with archives and special collections.

"The contributions to this volume capture exceptionally well the passion and the creativity that archivists and special collections librarians who teach and do outreach with primary sources are bringing to their work in this increasingly important activity domain."
-- Martha O’Hara Conway, Director, Special Collections Research Center, University of Michigan Library

"As teaching with archival materials has moved to the foreground of the archival mission for many institutions, this timely, inspiring, and practical volume, which comes out of the multi-day symposium solely devoted to teaching undergraduates with archival materials, is a required reading for anyone who teaches with archival materials, or who would like to. It really captures the spirit and enthusiasm that these authors brought to that symposium."
-- Josué Hurtado, Coordinator of Public Services & Outreach, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries

"Reflecting the increasing priority of teaching in archives and special collections libraries, this book captures a variety of perspectives, insights, approaches, and prognostications that will enlighten, challenge, and inspire a growing community of practitioners."
-- Bill Landis, Head of Public Services, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library

"Building on the momentum generated at the symposium, this book is a treasure trove for professionals in the field who are eager for innovative ideas regarding collaboration and experimentation in teaching with archival material."
-- Elizabeth Williams-Clymer, Special Collections Librarian, Kenyon College
Levels, Schools, Library & Information Science, Education, Language Arts & Disciplines