Animal Rights Activism

by Kerstin Jacobsson and Jonas Lindblom
Protest and Social Movements
Amsterdam University Press, 2017
eISBN: 978-90-485-2548-5, Cloth: 978-90-8964-764-1

We’re in an era of ever increasing attention to animal rights, and activism around the issue is growing more widespread and prominent. In this volume, Kerstin Jacobsson and Jonas Lindblom use the animal rights movement in Sweden to offer the first analysis of social movements through the lens of Emile Durkheim’s sociology of morality. By positing social movements as essentially a moral phenomenon—and morality itself as a social fact—the book complements more structural, cultural, or strategic action–based approaches, even as it also demonstrates the continuing value of classical sociological approaches to understanding contemporary society.

Kerstin Jacobsson is professor of sociology at the University of Gothenburg. Jonas Lindblom is associate professor of sociology at Mälardalen University.

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