Medium, Messenger, Transmission: An Approach to Media Philosophy

by Sybille Krämer
Amsterdam University Press, 2015
Paper: 978-94-6298-308-3, Cloth: 978-90-8964-741-2, eISBN: 978-90-485-2499-0

This rich study provides a comprehensive introduction to media philosophy while offering a new perspective on the concept and function of transmission media in all systems of exchange. Krämer uses the figure of the messenger as a key metaphor, examining a diverse range of transmission events, including the circulation of money, translation of languages, angelic visitations, spread of infectious diseases, and processes of transference and counter-transference that occur during psychoanalysis.

Dr. Sybille Krämer is professor of theoretical philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin. She is the author of six books: Technik, Gesellschaft und Natur: Versuch über ihren Zusammenhang (1982), Symbolische Maschinen: Die Idee der Formalisierung in geschichtlichem Abriss (1988), Berechenbare Vernunft: Kalkül und Rationalismus im 17. Jahrhundert (1991), Sprache, Sprechakt, Kommunikation: Sprachtheoretische Positionen des 20. Jahrhunderts (2001), Gewalt der Sprache - Sprache der Gewalt (2005), and Medium, Bote, Übertragung: Kleine Metaphysik der Medialität (2008).

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